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Online shop based on the values and the wisdom of ancient Vedic culture

About us

Albert Einstein once said: «Religion without science is lame, and science without religion is blind.»

In the Vedic civilization of the ancient India, the truth of this statement was taken to heart. That civilization has left humanity very valuable scriptures, the so called Vedic scriptures or the Vedas. According to their own statement, the roots of the Vedas go back to the time of 5000 years ago. Therefore they are the oldest scriptures known in history of humanity.

Thanks to the long-term endeavours of the Sankirtan association (SAVE) to translate the Vedas from the Sanskrit language into English and to publish them, now there is a big collection of books to a wide range of themes available:

  • philosophy and culture
  • ethic and wisdom
  • esoteric and science
  • cosmology and astrology
  • karma and reincarnation
  • ayurveda and vastu
  • the origin of life
  • healing of traumas
  • yoga and meditation
  •  vegetarianism and Vedic art of cooking

Besides the books, SAVE is also concerned to produce other types of media`s and products like DVD`s, CD`s, posters, biological products, natural cosmetics and others, which are all based on the applied knowledge of the Vedas and therefore can give an insight into the Vedic philosophy of life.


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