# Culinary art

Ném ai gròtt - Locally produced food event

6850 Mendrisio
The idea – Developed as the result of a partnership between six small Mendrisio-based restaurants, “Ném ai Gròtt” is an initiative all about simplicity and the abundant produce of our local area.

The event will focus on direct relations between producers and consumers, strong professional ethics, respect for people and support for local businesses.

An opportunity to delight your tastebuds in six beautiful corners of our region.

Event participants:

- Grotto Grassi, Tremona
- Grotto Sant’Antonio, Balerna
- Grotto del Mulino, Morbio Inferiore
- Osteria Ul Furmighin, Sagno
- Osteria Teatro Puccini, Vacallo
- Grotto San Martino, Mendrisio