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My name is Rugby Colmenares i’m 42 years old. I’m from Venezuela South America specifically Of the coast line of Puerto Cabello, Carabobo. 

My life has always been surrounded by water ocean, rivers, lakes and swimming pools. I’m a former professional surfer, fisherman, spearfishermen, apnoeist , swimmer and water polo players. I had the opportunity to represent my country in 3 world surfing games and 3 Panamerican games and for 13 years straight did a professional surfing Latin tour. I’ve been migrating from my country since age 16 feeling my life with cultures, experiences and assets. I was coaching and teaching surfing, swimming, spearfishing, apnea and high intensity interval training for all ages. My dream is to have the opportunity to be a coach for a team of surfing, swimming. My passion in life is to teach, cook, art, music, service and to provide all the knowledge that I possess. I have many jobs experiences such as, cooking, hotels services in general, surf brand sales, industrial diver, buffet runner, meat carver, Sunday brunch supervisor and many other tasks. I'm responsible, clever, friendly, loyal, great family principals, supportive and professional in all senses.

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Rugby Colmenares