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Festival Des Arts Vivants Essertfolies

La Maison de Paille, Essertfallon 43, 2886 Epiquerez
Pay what you can
On the last weekend in May, the Clos du Doubs will be transformed into a meeting place for the most diverse artistic disciplines. The festival invites to dive into a whirl of enjoyment for all senses.
Yes, we are back!

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the third edition of the International Festival of Living Arts, which will take place in Essertfallon in May.

On the program: Theatre shows, dance, circus, marionette, poetry as well as workshops, concerts, cabaret and musical jams!
Essertfolies offers a large and varied public the opportunity to take part in a vibrant space of creativity and beauty, where not only different artistic proposals converge, but also where the values of the community are strengthened by promoting the creation and maintenance of the community.

Essertfolies is a self-organized festival with free access for everyone. The entrance and the spectacles are open to anyone, on a pay what you can basis "au chapeau". So don't forget your wallet!

Essertfolies is a festival specially designed to showcase the artistic diversity present in Switzerland and in various countries around the world with the aim, among other things, of raising awareness of human, cultural, solidary and friendly exchanges. The festival's mission is to create and explore the confluence of the arts of the street, music, theater, dance and painting in order to inspire the audience and transcend the barriers between generations within society and its communities. The festival offers the public the opportunity to be part of an intercultural space where trust allows the senses to be opened through an artistic immersion in nature. Through the festival, it encourages the inclusiveness, ecology, intergenerationality and internationality of different cultures.


Association Essertfolies

Michèle Benz



2886 Epiquerez