# Religione & spiritualità

Momentum - evening pause, Franciscan-inspired

Kloster Dornach, Amthausstrasse 7, 4143 Dornach
Per evening: collection of CHF 15.00 (guide price)
June 8: CHF 50.00 incl. lunch
Four evenings and one Saturday with Nadja Rudolf von Rohr, Br. Niklaus Kuster and Felix Terrier

How to live with depth and breadth?
How do you meet the challenge of a multicultural society and its different ways of seeking God?
How do you reconcile self-care and commitment?
What does St. Francis of Assisi encourage with his vision of universal fraternity?

Four evenings and one Saturday with Nadja Rudolf von Rohr, Br. Niklaus Kuster and Felix Terrier

March 05, 2024: Life with depth and breadth
March 26, 2024: One God and many religions
April 23, 2024: Self-care and love of the world
May 28, 2024: We are church: free - fraternal - synodal

June 8, 2024: Vision or utopia - one human family

The accompanying team:
Nadia Rudolf von Rohr (1975) heads the headquarters of the Franciscan World Order (Franciscan Community, OFS) in German-speaking Switzerland. She studied German language and literature, then worked in business and as a teacher. She is a trained bibliodrama facilitator and is involved in publishing, adult education and as a travel guide. She is currently studying for a Master's degree in theology.
Brother Niklaus Kuster (1962) is a Swiss Capuchin friar and author of numerous books about Francis and Clare of Assisi. He co-founded the "Kloster zum Mitleben" monastery in Rapperswil (www.klosterrapperswil.ch), teaches spirituality at the University of Lucerne and accompanies courses and trips with "depth and breadth".

Felix Terrier (1958) is Head of the Church Department at Dornach Monastery. He is a priest of the diocese of Basel and was a pastor and parish leader in various parishes. He was head of the Birstal pastoral area (BL/SO) until 2022. For over 25 years, he regularly organized weeks of reflection and accompanied pilgrimage groups on various pilgrimage routes in Europe.

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Kloster Dornach

Restaurant Hotel Kultur Kirche

Amthausstrasse 7

4143 Dornach