# Visita & giro della città # Questo e quello

Excursion: Reptiles

Jeizinen Seilbahn Bergstation, Jeizinen, 3945 Gampel
Adulte: CHF 30.-
Children: CHF 15.-
Family: CHF 60.-
Member: free of charge
Exclusive transport costs
We will be looking for reptiles and try to better understand their way of life.
The warm, dry sunny slopes of Valais are an Eldorado for indigenous reptile species, and these fascinating creatures are still readily found in the Valais ecosystem.
Depending on the location, almost all of the 14 different native species have been found in the Pfyn-Finges Regional Nature Park. These include the magnificent Emerald lizard or the rare Smooth Snake. With a bit of luck we will find both on our walk.
This excursion also gives some insight into the ecology of these little-known creatures, and touches on what endangers them and how they can be protected.