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The church clock from 1867

Gemeindeverwaltung Seewen, Dorfstrasse 5, 4206 Seewen SO
European Heritage Days, 12 September 2021
Guided tours from 13:00, every 30 minutes by Hubert Gehrig, Kulturverein Seewen.
Registration on guided tour list on site.
The cultural association and the municipality of Seewen actively contribute to the protection of cultural assets and monuments by securing, restoring, preserving and making accessible historical witnesses. On Monument Day 2018, the old incomplete clockwork from 1867 of the church Seewen St. German could be shown. After quite a few hours of work, the restored church tower clockwork by Schwilgué-Ungerer now presents itself in its original clock cabinet. In its new location, at the Seewen parish administration, it can be viewed in the future. The parish and church archives contain a number of book treasures which provide an insight into the history of Seewen as far back as 1520. It is important to the cultural association and the municipality of Seewen to take care of the cultural assets in order to preserve them for our descendants. We are pleased to present these small but beautiful monuments to the population. Hubert Gehrig will be giving guided tours and will have a lot to tell you.
Due to the pandemic ordinance, you will receive further information about the implementation of the event on www.seewen.ch from 6.9.