Localcities – for clubs
The platform for all Swiss clubs.
Simple, modern club management.

  • Improve your public image through
    attractive presence
  • Find members, volunteers,
    sponsors and benefactors
  • Benefit from a wide reach and
    online marketing measures
  • Simple, modern club management
  • Digitalise and automatise processes

Attract new members and reduce your expenses

Digitalise your club at the drop of a hat with a Localcities bundle. You can choose between an expanded club profile on the Localcities website and the app, or on your new club website, too. The systems are interconnected, so you don’t need to update data on multiple systems.The club management software Localclubs also provides you with a tool that enables effective administration of your entire club and reduces your costs.What’s more, the whole service is continually being developed and will maintain a state-of-the-art appearance. New features are also constantly being added.

Localcities – platform for clubs and municipalities

With Localcities, you can present your club on Switzerland’s largest and most modern club platform. Your club benefits from the platform’s Swiss-wide reach, advantageous online marketing measures and the constant development of the platform – without any additional effort on your part. Your club presence is guaranteed – both on the mobile localcities.ch website and on the Localcities app.

Club management

Member management, invoices, communications and accounting from a single source. Everything secure in one place and only accessible to selected people. With Localclubs club management, you’ll have everything under control and nothing will slip through the cracks. Keep track of your club, even when you’re on holiday. Reach out to your members, send messages to a team, the board or the whole club. By email, text message or mail.

Create your club profile quickly and easily

There are already a lot of clubs on Localcities. Your club is one of them, too, and you can take over the profile free of charge. If you can’t find your club on Localcities, we’d be happy to create a profile for you. Contact us via yourclub@localcities.ch and provide us with the name of the club and the municipality in which the club operates.

A) Edit data once – update it everywhere

B) Reduce your workload – publish on all channels

Depending on the edition, your edited data will be available on different channels.In the ideal scenario, you can edit your information once and have it updated on three different channels:
Localcities website – Localcities app – club website


Represent your club on Switzerland’s largest and most modern club platform.Your club is presented in the relevant municipal context and is perfectly displayed on all end devices (mobile – tablet – desktop).


Depending on the edition, your club profile will be available in the Localcities app and offer additional advantages. For example, those interested can be informed about club news immediately by means of push notifications.


With the Localcities large edition, your club will receive its own webpage, which is closely linked to the Localcities platform and will be further developed on an ongoing basis. You can thus ensure that your club website will stay looking modern and not become outdated.

Your advantages at a glance

Cost reduction for your club through innovative digital solutions

Edit data once and publish it across various channels. Automatic invoicing by email or post

Modern design – mobile-optimised and across devices

Whether on a smartphone, tablet or PC, your club profile will always look perfect and is constantly being developed by us.

Member management at no additional cost

Invoicing, accounting and communication with members all via a single tool. By email, post or text message.

Your club in your municipality

Present your club in the relevant municipalities. Inform residents, newcomers and interested parties.

Increased visibility and wide reach

Better ranking of your club profile on search engines such as Google and Bing. Wider reach for your club and your activities.

Localcities app

Present news and events in the Localcities app. Use push notifications to share information with your members, residents and interested parties.


Communicate quickly and easily with your club members or the board.


With Localcities, you can rely on clarity through intuitive access and quickly retrievable content. With our central account, you can manage your club profile on Localcities.ch, the Localcities app and your club website.

Show further benefits

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The most important advantages for your club at a glance

Localcities clubs bundle Free Small Medium Large
Standard Localcities profile on the mobile website and native app with basic functionality:
find members, sponsors and volunteers, about us, contact information, social media links, online marketing
yes yes yes yes
Expanded profile on the Localcities website no yes yes yes
Expanded profile on the Localcities app no no yes yes
Standalone website no no no yes
Club logo yes yes yes yes
Club images one image ten images ten images fifty images
Allocate municipalities 1 5 5 10
Publish news 2 10 10 Unlimited
Publish events 2 10 10 Unlimited
Localclubs club management: Membership administration, accounting, invoicing, communication yes yes yes yes
Edition Basic Standard Plus Plus
Number of members and contacts <99 <500 <1000** <1000**
Users 1 3 10 Unlimited
Contracts Simple extended & recurrent extended & recurrent extended & recurrent
Accounting Standard Standard Adjustable Adjustable
Billing Manual Import Automatic Automatic
Online payment no no yes yes
Bulk mailing yes yes yes yes
Mass e-mails yes yes yes yes
Personalized templates no no yes yes
Support response time 72h 48h 24h 24h
Minimum price in CHF per year free Setup 495
from 475*
Setup 495
from 775*
Setup 2495
from 1‘925*
* Price depends on the number of members
** If your club has more than 1,000 members, we’d be happy to make you an individual offer.
Prices are subject to change

Interested? Get in touch with us.