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Whether you’re Swiss, live in Switzerland or are simply visiting, at Localcities, we want to help make your time in Switzerland as pleasant as possible.

As a traditional Swiss company, we value the quality of life in our country and want to help you enjoy it.

Ask us everything you want to know.

We know the most beautiful corners of the former Roman city of Zurich. We know all of Switzerland's more than 2,000 municipalities inside out. And here we provide you with the key details of each one.

We make the local digital.

The range of services we offer grows with you. Every SME can present its services on our site. And every Swiss resident can find what they’re looking for.

The future is Swiss.

Even if you're not looking for anything in particular, our elaborate algorithms and data will give you suggestions for events that are just as unique as you are – always relevant and always exciting. Continuing to expand digitalisation and using it to create real added value for everyone in Switzerland is part of our vision for the future.

By Swiss, for Switzerland.

We’re passionate about every single municipality, and we know how important each one is to Switzerland. That's why we want to empower them. And that’s exactly what our 800 employees are doing across our three main locations – Zurich, Bern and Sion – and more than 30 regional locations.

We’re here to help.