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Fête de la Châtaigne 2024

1926 Fully
This not-to-be-missed autumn event in French-speaking Switzerland attracts some 40,000 visitors to the foot of the Chavalard every year.
Crafts and local produce in the spotlight
Nearly half of the stands are reserved for local produce and crafts, including almost a hundred offering products related to chestnuts, the chestnut tree and chestnut products. In addition to local produce, Fully's flagship event also showcases Valais AOCs and typical products from other Swiss regions, much to the delight of the public.

Wine Village - Petites Arvines and Grands Crus de Fully
Introduced in 2006, the Wine Village has become an essential part of the festival over the years. It enables some fifteen local winegrowers and winemakers to promote their best vintages, starting with Petite Arvine, Fully's emblematic grape variety.

Îlots-châtaignes - Quality brisolée at the heart of the festival
During the event, 5 "îlots-châtaignes" (chestnut stands) in the open-air market, run by local companies, will be serving exclusive brisolée. The chestnuts they offer and roast on site are selected by the organizing committee. The committee is responsible for the training of the brisoleurs and for the composition of the plates (cheese, fruit, etc.), to guarantee the excellent quality of the brisolée.

At the Fête de la Châtaigne, people sing, dance and play. Fanfares, Guggens, choirs and other folk and modern groups perform regularly throughout the weekend. Expressions of the commune's cultural vitality, their performances add to the festive atmosphere of the event. In the chestnut grove, in the heart of the forest, you'll find free entertainment especially for families.

Craftsmen's street
In the street dedicated to them, artisans work right in front of you! Textile creations for young and old, embroidery, objects in glass, cork, wood, driftwood, woodturning, painting on porcelain or pebbles, jewelry in silver, stone, gemstones, wooden isotherms, crockery in stoneware, raku or ceramics, lamps, cribs, clay sculptures, cardboard, ironwork, miniatures, poyas in cut wood, beeswax candles, decorations, accessories and more.

Rue du Terroir - Tastes and colors
The Rue des Artisans, always lively with its demonstrations showcasing manual trades and the extraordinary expertise of those who practice them, is now joined by the Rue du Terroir. A rendezvous for gourmets and gourmands, this section of the market features stands selling artisanal products expressing the very best of local produce and gastronomy.

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