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1 August Brunch at the Engadin River Ranch in Madulain 2024

01.08.2024 09:00 - 13:00
Engadin River Ranch, Engadin River Ranch, Via Suot 35C, 7523 Madulain
The 1st August Brunch has been held regularly at the Engadin River Ranch for many years.
Ideal for young and old and a morning with culinary highlights and fun and games for the little ones; that's our 1st August brunch at the Engadin River Ranch. We organise a regional, rich and varied morning every year and look forward to welcoming many locals and tourists! There are plenty of parking spaces available, the area is accessible for the disabled and wheelchair users, there are sunny and shady spots and enough food for everyone.


Engadin River Ranch

Engadin River Ranch

Via Suot 35C

7523 Madulain