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Kirchenführung St. Martin

ab Ausstellung Kirche St. Martin, Hauptstrasse 28, 7432 Zillis
Free guided tour, admission for church and exhibition adults CHF 6.00, children (6-16 years) CHF 4.00
The Romanesque picture ceiling is world-famous. It has made the church "Sistine Chapel of the Alps". Guided tour incl. visit to the church exhibition. Registration required by 5 p.m. the day before.
This work, the only one still preserved in the world today, was created in the Romanesque period - at the beginning of the 12th century. The church ceiling consists of 153 square panels (nine rows of 17 panels each), each around 90 centimetres long.
The border panels depict strange mythical creatures as symbols of evil as well as scenes from the story of Jonah. Angels are also arranged as personifications of the four winds and heralds of the Last Judgement. The inner pictures are dedicated to themes from the life of Christ. The last row of pictures depicts the life of St. Martin.

The Zillis church exhibition uses contemporary museological means to help visitors understand the church ceiling and the medieval world of images.

Registration required by 5 p.m. the day before. Tours for 2 or more people.

Here "one way for return" applies. Anyone arriving by public transport travels back free of charge with RhB and PostBus.
Visitors to events marked with "Einfach für retour Graubünden" buy a one-way ticket for the outward journey, stamp it with the organizer and the ticket is valid for the free return journey. The offer is valid from all entry points in Graubünden for journeys on the Rhaetian Railway and PostBus. Further information

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